Other artists and Etienne



     Xandro / Drums                   Joe nice / Keys                   Loceana / Vocals                    Etienne / Guitars                          Josh / Bass

One evening in the east of switzerland, in Flawil i discovered Loceana and Xandro at a Session in the Kulturpunkt. A great place to discover unique Artists.


We started composing songs and Loceana could place her rich Lyrics on them.


Josh and Joe nice kam about a year later to complete this project.

Capitaine Antoine  Expilly


Imagine a huge house from the 18 th century in the heart of France. Dusty Attics full of objects, things and books of past times. It was the house of my great Grandparents.


That is where i discovered an edition of poemes from 1926 written by my great uncle, soldier and warrior who had fought and fallen in the first world war.


The depth of his writings took me on the spot. I had to bring them back to life. His extremely vivid description of what they call in France"la grande guerre"

is intense in many ways.


It became my plan to underline the poemes musically and produce the results.


I was deeply touched by the experience of discovering an anscestor trough this process.


This Project will be audible and available very soon in its original French version.