I released my first solo Production in 2017. "Apres le temps" unveils very personal Moods. Simon Kaufmann, an awesome Drummer and friend, underlines many tracks rhythmically with a deep comprehension of my compositions. These tend to be clearly philosophical and describe the way i perceive life.


I am working on my next CD

production and keep on enjoying the Independence of solo Works.


My  musical striving follows three paths; Solo works as a personal audible expression, the work on current projects and regular improvisations with dear friends as well as new encounters with various artists.



This first Production is a very personal expression, striving to

describe the way i perceive Life. Starting in my childhood,Track 2; Formentera and ending in the year of Production (2017) with Track 15; Apres le temps.


This work strives to express philosophical views or moods on Life itself.


The CD is available by placing an Order per Mail.


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Here a few other tracks about to come out on the next CD in 2019.