Etienne Expilly

I was Born in Nice, France in 1966. As i turned 15, my father bought me a guitar as we where traveling trough Mexico. My father was my greatest musical supporter troughout the years.  My evolution was boosted by encounters with various artists in Konstanz, Germany, where i settled down after years of traveling around the planet with my father.  


Jack Lear, creator of the initial Outjazz movement  initiated me into authentic Improvisation. He trained me weekly in the mid eightys with the help of Joachim Götz on drums. We called ourselves Brainswitch and felt totally free to improvise.


Eve Priesemeister, a wonderful lady Jazz Singer became a close friend of mine. Eve helped me a lot in developing my own Style. Robert Fripp and John scofield where playing sometimes through my Speakers and influenced me in my way to combine Harmonys and develop solos.


Friends and fine musicians like Paul Amrod, Hubl Greiner, Omayoun Afshari, Elke Hannegrad, and the (Former) Waldzoo Band kept me musically and moraly in shape.


I had a short but quite succesful start in a Band called Croissant as the lead guitarist, wich sadly disappeared .


Since 2000, I live in a beautiful part of eastern Switzerland and am Happy  to be the father of two wonderful daughters.


Good friends of mine, dispersed between Gemany and Switzerland, musically engaged in different projects, contribute to my musical improvement trough the spirit of improvisation. The Mixup, Room for Music, in the very cute little town of Lichtensteig is a wonderful place for musical encounters. Toni Stocker, a talented professional master of guitar opens his doors two times a month for all.

Simon Kaufmann, Friend and awesome drummer as well as a talented Photographer, played on different tracks of my first CD realeased in 2017.

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Don t forget to check out the Links of the Artists named above. It s worth a visit.

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I am lucky to run a small Sound studio ( Go to; Blue square studio) where i can create and record my Compositions, and occasionally record bands. Choir recordings make me get out of the Studio from time to time.


Actually (2018) i am involved in a Band project called Moonseed, taking root in a rich soil of Lyrics written by Lorelei M`cibah. ( Go to: Projects)